The Big Bang Theory, first suggested by George Gamov in 1948, is the leading theory to describe the beginning of the universe. The theory explains how the universe emerged from a tremendously dense and hot point about 13.7 billion years ago, called singularity. Precise predictions of background radiation temperature, even before it was actually discovered, as well as recent findings suggesting that our universe was much hotter in the younger ages, support the Big Bang Theory. However, physicists have mainly avoided the conundrums of an infinitely compressed zero-sized starting point.

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Gravity is the central dilemma of the theory of everything. The nature of mass is also somewhat obscure. In the paragraphs to come, I will offer a suggestion for the unexplained Planck constant and gravity. I will also propose an explanation for the nature of the mass of objects.

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FLATNESS PROBLEMflatnessproblem01



The Geometry of the Universe

The shape of our universe has been a matter of debate for a long-time. The main possibilities were the universe being spherical, flat or saddle shape.

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