Quantum super-position of states, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, quantum entanglement, and other characteristics of the sub-atomic arena have introduced an in-deterministic and bizarre portray of reality. Numerous attempts, such as Bell’s Theorem, have failed to extend the rules and logic of familiar classical physics to the subatomic domain. Moreover, many experiments have established that quantum mechanics may indeed apply to the macro-world as well (Nairz, Arndt, and Zeilingerzaq 2003).

New puzzles also come about in Astrophysics. Black Hole, Dark Energy and Dark Matter, and non-zero Cosmological Constant etc. have complicated the scheme even further.

On the other hand, recent cognitive neuroscience researches have unveiled a new understanding of the mind and consciousness. Many experiments support new theories like the Brain Lateralization theory, Quantum Mind Dynamics (quantum mechanical functioning of the brain), Holonomic Brain theory (non-locality of consciousness) and transpersonal psychology. (referring to a universal awareness). The above theories are explained in the related chapters.

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In this text, I intend to show that Astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and consciousness build the tripod of reality. In order to achieve a deeper understanding of reality, we must unveil the secrets of the above topics. It seems this to be the main challenge put forth for the human race in 21st century and beyond.



Tripod of Reality

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