Quantum Mechanics

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Quantum Mechanics is the science in depth. In any discipline as we go further in detail the principles of quantum mechanics come in effect. While studying quantum mechanics, there are five points to keep in mind.

First, more than ninety years of experiments proved that the principles of quantum mechanics are sound and valid. Mathematics of quantum theory is built in strong foundation and precisely predicts the results of physical experiments. We are applying these principles in making delicate instruments. It is the basis of many current technologies. In fact, quantum mechanics is arguably the most accurate scientific discipline that we have in hand.

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Quantum Perception

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The quantum mechanical universe is fundamentally different from our classical perception of the world. To reconcile the two, we must either question quantum mechanics or review the act of perception itself. Century-old experiments have proven the validity of quantum theory. In fact, quantum mechanics is by far the most precise and reliable science that humans have ever grasped. Therefore, in order to resolve the incompatibility, it is reasonable to turn to an assessment of perception itself. The brain is our main tool for examining physical reality, so in order to determine the validity of our perceptions, it makes sense to begin with a study of our brain’s physiology, and in particular how the brain receives sensory stimuli.

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