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QUANTUM MECHANICSquantummechanics01

Quantum Mechanics is the science in depth. In any discipline as we go further in detail the principles of quantum mechanics come in effect. While studying quantum mechanics, there are five points to keep in mind.

First, more than ninety years of experiments proved that the principles of quantum mechanics are sound and valid. Mathematics of quantum theory is built in strong foundation and precisely predicts the results of physical experiments. We are applying these principles in making delicate instruments. It is the basis of many current technologies. In fact, quantum mechanics is arguably the most accurate scientific discipline that we have in hand.

Second, Quantum mechanics is weird. In QM, certainty of classic physics is replaced by the uncertainty. Definite state observed in macro-world turns to chaotic world of super-position of states. Direction of time can reverse (future arrives before the past). Causality (cause and effect) may reverse so that cause appears before effect (second Feynman diagram for Compton Scattering). Entanglement between distant particles exists without apparent link. The law of conservation of energy gets pale in many instances. And so forth and so on.

Third, apparently we cannot utilize the logic of classical physics to interpret the weirdness of quantum mechanical phenomena. We have to develop a new logic to accommodate a reality that is beyond our today's consensus reality.

Fourth, quantum physics is not an abstract science that belongs to laboratories and scientists, it is the science which describes the building blocks of our body and our macro-world and it is the infra-structure where laws of classical physics is derived from.

And fifth, There are convictions that quantum mechanics principles can be applied equally to micro and macro-scale.

Good news is quantum mechanics are set to explain the unexplained. Therefore the mysteries can be explained by scientists through scientific methodology not mystics approach with the usual misconceptions and delusions.
To include quantum mechanics in this model, I will work on the following hypotheses.

Quantum physics opens our eye to the twilight zone between classical understanding of space-time universe and the proposed non-local energy-information rich and mind-like singularity.

One of the main tasks of this model is to propose explanations for unexplained findings in quantum theory. We cannot explain the Schroedinger's cat (explained in coming pages) being alive and dead at the same time, with our conventional logic. Surprisingly though, we can imagine such a superposition in our mind. Not only our imagination can accommodate such a dual and antagonistic state but our mind activity is frequently utilizes superposition in its different functions.

Niels Bohr is one of the founders of quantum mechanics. His approach to the strange quantum realm was just to observe the experiments results and to avoid looking for finding a logical description for them. According to him we shouldn't try to explain QM. To him, we simply cannot explain it with our current understanding and logic. Albert Einstein on the other hand believed that universe is made of observable objects which comply with classical physics and are traceable with our classical logic.

He believed that Quantum theory is deficient and cannot reveal the hidden variables that cause the bizarre findings in sub-atomic arena. He strongly believed that these variables do exist. According to Einstein a deeper theory would find these variables. Most physicists have not favoured hidden variable theories. The well accepted Bell’s theorem contradicts these theories.

Here I am introducing a non-local media, which is connecting different points of space together. This non-commutative media lacks space and time. Let's see if this model can offer reasonable explanations for different quantum mechanical paradoxes. This model may prove to be the Einstein's deeper theory by explaining the quantum mechanical experiments with a sort of comprehensible logic. Furthermore, because this model accepts quantum mechanics at its face value, it is in line with interpretations and views of Neils Bohr as well.

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